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Squirrel Control in Lampton

Squirrel Control in Lampton

Unlike the grey squirrel, flying squirrels are nocturnal and like to social. Flying squirrels will sneak in homes and will settle and make a nest in attics and walls. This is many as 15 flying squirrels living together at one time. Like most rodents, squirrels are aggressive chewers. Squirrels will chew through wood, enlarging even the tiniest of openings, allowing entry into your home.

Once inside, squirrels will reside in attics where they will nest and rear their young there. This nesting material retains odor from the buildup of their droppings and urine. Squirrels can also fall down chimneys allowing them access to living space. They can destroy electrical and phone lines through chewing them which can pose a serious fire hazard.

Grey squirrels are the most prevalent of the squirrel species, seen often in yards and parks. In , the grey squirrel has young all year long with the exception of January an February with an average of 3 to 5 young squirrels at a time. We provide residents of London and surrounding areas with plenty of options to squirrel proof your home.

One of our squirrel removal specialists will remove the offending squirrels with specialised trapping techniques. They can also prevent squirrel damage by sealing all vulnerable areas. This includes covering vents, filling gaps in soffits, roof lines and air conditioner lines. We also supply and install custom chimney caps.

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