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Mouse Control in Hounslow

Mouse Control in Hounslow

House mice in have a keen sense of hearing, taste, smell and touch. They are about 7-10 cms long excluding their tail. Signs of a House Mouse issue in your London home include:

- Scratching noises under the floor or in the attic as they move around.

- House mice are most active at night but possibly seen in the coursework of the day, looking for food.

- Dark droppings about 3mm long.

- They dribble urine onto surfaces and as a result have a characteristically strong odour.

House mice in the area are usually brown, grey in colour with a light underside with giant prominent ears and tiny black eyes. The tail is light in colour and is shorter than the body in length. House mice live for about 3-4months. They are sexually mature at 6-8 weeks. They have on average 5 - 8 litters per year, with 4 - 8 children in each litter.

Our mice control team in could visit your home and start getting rid of your mice problems right now. As mice feed at numerous places, we will install a giant number of baiting points. The bait used contains anticoagulant. We provide ongoing contracts for the management and protection against future infestations. Feel free to contact us for a free quote.

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