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Flea Control in Chiswick

Flea Control in Chiswick

Fleas are wingless insects with mouth parts adapted for piercing the skin and sucking the blood of mammals (including humans). They assault a wide range of warm-blooded vertebrates including canines, felines, and rabbits. Fleas may cause extreme skin irritations and in extreme cases, anemia, tapeworms, and the stomach flu. Flea bites are seldom felt and it is their resulting irritation that is mostly noticed. Secondary infections are also common from extreme scratching of the bitten area. They are quite common in .

Our flea control services for are among the best and most up-to-date in the country. We get most of our business from customer referrals and repeat customer business, so customer service is a top priority. our qualified flea removal team will talk you through each step of the way and offer advice on how to deter fleas from your home in the future.

We offer you a complete Flea Removal Service in and surrounding areas. We deal in all aspects of Flea Eradication and Prevention for both domestic and commercial properties. We are all fully qualified pest controllers and we use the latest chemicals so in the event you find that you have any unwelcome pests, or even if it is advice you need, pick up the phone and give our helpful team a call today.

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